Lighting Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few months, we have organized feedback and common customer questions. Shown in no specific order or ranked importance.

Is this a new company?
Yes! Jared & Jake Schultz started this new business in 2018. They are both life long residents of Utica. Jared is also the owner of Pristine Prowash and Jake is Proprietor of Your View Window Cleaning. Learn more about Jared & Jake.

Are you guys local?
YES! Jared & Jake are co-owners of Utica Lights. They were born and raised in Utica. We consider them 'local' and very expert on all things Utica. Reach out if you want to contact them.

What's the Pricing Promise?
Our pricing is very transparent and straightforward. In our experience, customers always love the low quoted price then realize it didn't include A or B or C or that D was required. The price is never the price. At Utica Lights, our package price is exact. The ONLY reason the price would increase is if you added more lights, a wreath or extended your rental.

We never charge for installation, take-down or maintenance issues/repairs along the way. That's the Utica Lights Pricing Promise.

What's the cost of a lighting package?
Please see the packages available for more details, but all packages are unique and increase with the number of lights, accessories, customization.

My neighbor is also considering Utica Lights. Is there a referral discount?
Maybe. It will depend on your package and what each of you ultimately rents. Let's say you both rent Package 1 - we'll say yes to some form of grouped discount. We really appreciate this type of referral.

What does 100' max width of house mean for package 1?
This means if you used a tape measure and walked the front of your house, it can't be more than 100'. If your needs are more than 100' (since all roof lines are different), you'll know the exact overage in advance of our install. That's our pricing promise

When do you drop-off and pickup the lights?
Based on your selected rental dates, our team will install the lights on an agreed upon date/time prior to the start date and take-down shortly after the end date.

Can I choose different light colors?
We currently offer the following colors:
ROOF - White, green/white, red/white, red/green/white, random
MINI STRAND LIGHTS: white and random color. If you have specific requests, we would move this into a custom package order. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I extend the rental after it's started?
YES! The extend your rental has all the details. Currently, we offer 7 day extension blocks beyond the last day of the season.

Do we own the lights?
No. You never own the lights unless we create a custom solution and you opt for purchase of that entire package. Generally, we handle all install and take-down.

Do I have to assemble or install anything?
NO. We'll set up delivery before your start date and install the lights. Once the rental is complete, our team will take-down all the lighting and any accessories. All hardware and work is included in the package.

I live outside Oneida County. Can I still rent lights for my home?
Currently, we offer light rentals in Utica within Oneida County only. We may navigate a little outside our core area. It may cost a little extra, but let's talk!

How much in advance do I have to rent?
Our season runs from Sept 1st - Feb 15th. We can schedule anytime throughout the year. No advance notice is required. As a rule, during the peak season, we tend to have a lag of five days for installs.

How can I support Utica Lights?
We appreciate the feedback and ongoing support for our business. If you have rented from us, please take a picture and post it on your favorite social site OR send it to us so we can add it on our website. Our social links are provided at the bottom of the page. We love family photos in front of your home. Referrals also work :)

Is the wreath real? Are they lighted?
The wreath we use is 48", artificial and assembled with lights. We provide all hooks and any associated hardware. The install requires a small hole for the permanent hook. Please view the packages for pricing on our standard wreath.

I have a gift certificate, when does it expire?
All gift certificates purchased online expire 12 months after the order date.

Do you offer discounts?
We offer discounts depending on where we are in the season. The most common discount is for homeowners that rent our packages for multiple years. After the install, you'll have 5 days to take advantage of the 10% multi-year discount. The multi-year plan locks you into a set package price for all years. Please contact us for more details.

What happens if the lights are stolen or damaged?
It all depends - that's the easy answer. It will depend on the duration of your rental and most importantly, the circumstances of the situation. With that said, we will assess a fee if the lights are damaged, lost or stolen. This fee is never more than the rental amount. If you have specific questions on this, please contact us.

If I cancel before installation, can I get a refund?
Due to our short season and scheduling demands, we will provide you a full refund MINUS $50. No refunds after installation.

I have more columns and several rails to light. How much is that?
Here's a scenario- Homeowner selects package 1 that includes 6 strands of lights. We measure and it calculates as 4 more strands. We charge you for the additional 4 strands at $16/ea plus the package cost.

Will you call me before coming over? Before installing?
ALWAYS! We'll schedule install BEFORE your start date. When onsite, we'll talk out the process and determine your needs beyond the package. We communicate so there are no gaps in the process.

How long for the install and removal?
On an average home, it will take us 2-4 hours to install and 1-2 hours to take-down.

Are the lights energy efficient? Do they get hot?
All lights we use are purchased on spools and custom cut but based on your home. We only use advance materials, energy efficient bulbs and the best clips/attachments. The bulbs will not run hot to the touch.

What if bulbs go bad? Do you replace them?
Yes. As long as you are within the rental period, we will replace and correct any issues at no charge to you. In most cases, it's the same day or within 24 hours.

If the weather is bad and the roof lights shifted, do you fix that?Yes. We'll put it back the way it was. In most cases, it's the same day or within 24 hours.

How do I turn the lights on and off?
After wiring the lights together, we connect it to a timer (we provide during rental) with default settings at DUSK + 6 HOURS. Meaning 6 hours after dark, the timer will go off.

Can you explain the timer a little more?
Each installation comes with a light sensitive timer. It has multiple settings such as dusk/dawn (stays on all night), 2/4/6/8 hr delay option (comes on at dusk and can stay on for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours after dark), Default is DUSK + 6 hours.

What electricity do I need to provide?
Our needs are basic for electricity. Either an standard extension cord (orange, yellow) plugged in outside OR a cord pushed out of a window is fine. As long as there's access to plug in somewhere, we'll be fine.

Will I see extension cords all over my roof?
No. We hide our wiring lines and will do our best to make it look fantastic.

How do the lights hold up to the winter?
All light bulbs and wiring are commercial grade. They are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.